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This is me

I was born in the City of Mexico, in the heart of concrete of tall army buildings which were also made of literal concrete. Despite this making me feel an extensive love for Brutalism, I feel like seeing empty canvas waiting to be completed everywhere has been part of me since always.


I belong to the urban areas and I like them to be as part of me as I hope to be from them. 

Paper, digital and concrete, moving or static. I know how to put cool stuff in the corners. As long as my stylus doesn't break, I will have ideas to show you!


I draw people, sometimes I draw them moving and that's cool

Services & skills

I do specialize in working with Character Design, concept development and storyboard. I however love doing posters, infographics and editorial pieces. I do have experience in Graphic Design and I even have good practice for Scientific illustration and branding.

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